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Chilliwack Bed & Breakfast

=> For reservations & Info Call our Toll Free Number 855-940-4111 or our regular office number if you're local - 604-823-4111

Located just off the #1 Highway - 41172 Royalwood Drive, Chilliwack, BC, Canada V2R 4J1 - Royalwood Bed and Breakfast is easy to get to.

See directions here. (You'll be directed to our Royalwood Golf Course page) With 3 brand new clean & cozy rooms to choose from your stay will have you rested and relaxed in comfort and style .

Being located between two large cities, Abbotsford and Chilliwack, there are countless opportunities for you to entertain yourself within minutes of our Bed & Breakfast. Or you might prefer the relaxing pleasure of simply unwinding by the fire in our Main Suite.

Plan a trip soon as a wonderful getaway for an evening or a weekend. Take a look at our rooms and choose the experience that is right for your stay...Every room has the quality and comfort you deserve. We also offer an incredible Stay & Play package for golf lovers. The Royalwood Golf & Country Club is our backyard!

A brief history of Bed & Breakfasts...

The B&B arrangement has very old roots. Before the 20th century it was quite normal for country travellers to spend the night at a private house rather than an inn. However, prior to the 19th century, this was strictly an informal arrangement constrained by acquaintance and social rank; a doctor might stay with a doctor or pharmacist, while a nobleman would only stay with the local gentry.

The abbreviation of `B&B' on roadside signs first became popular in the British Isles - typically with a detachable 'Vacancies' sign swinging below. While things might have changed slightly in todays world, the same warmth and courteous service offered back then is a part of every moment you spend with us at this Chilliwack Bed & Breakfast. Book your stay today..

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